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Traditional Persian and Oriental Rugs

The finest carpets and rugs in the world are made in what was once called the Orient, that geographical area that inclues countries such as Iran, Tibet, Nepal and China. With a history of production dating back to before common era in some of these countries, it is no wonder that traditional rugs are revered for their superior quality and craftsmanship.


Modern Rugs

Want the unbeatable quality of traditional Persian and Oriental rugs but don't like their designs? Modern rugs and carpets boast a wide range of designs that appeal to contemporary tastes, without comprimising on traditional craftsmanship.

Custom Designed Rugs

If you want a carpet or rug but just haven't found the right design to suit the décor of your home or office, let us know. The craftsmen at Mondart can help you create what you want.

This service is ideal for interior designers and spaces which demand a custom solution.

Toronto Persian & Oriental Rug Store

With their Toronto warehouses bursting with Persian rugs, Oriental area rugs and modern rugs, Mond'art offers the largest selection of high quality floor coverings from around the world, at a great price. From natural to synthetic or hand made to machine made, we have it all. Or we'll custom make it for you. Our expert craftsmen will clean your Persian rug or restore it to its original condition. We specialize in the repair of Persian rugs and fine oriental carpets. Contact Mond'art today and see the difference that true expertise can make.